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DirectorApplegate Assisted Living - Sutherlin, Oregon

Robert Moore, Director at Applegate Place, is a seasoned professional in the health care arena. For over a decade, Robert has served various sectors of the industry gaining education and experience in business management, respiratory therapy, durable medical equipment, medical billing and assisted living management. Robert earned his bachelor's degree in business from Brigham Young University and later pursued a degree in respiratory therapy. Robert used this education to propel a very successful regional management career in durable medical goods. Robert later gained experience in Medicare licensing, medical billing, and start-up operations, through a career as a private consultant.

Responding to a desire to get closer to the customer, Robert used his acquired skills and experience to enter the world of assisted living. He secured his administrator's license and accepted a position as director. Robert has very proudly served Applegate Place residents and staff for several years and is honored to have this opportunity to enrich the lives of senior and disabled adults each day. "This job has been a journey with immeasurable gifts," Robert says, " I feel very fortunate to be a part of this very special place."

NurseApplegate Assisted Living - Sutherlin, Oregon

Melissa Burdett has returned to Applegate Place!  Melissa graduated Umpqua Community College in 2010 with an Associate's in Nursing.  She then pursued her Bachelor's of Science Nursing from Grand Canyon University. Melissa joined the Concepts in Community Living team with Applegate Place in 2010.  After a brief departure, she has returned to Applegate Place to continue her journey by working to enhance the lives of the assisted living community. 



Residental Care Coordinator     Applegate Assisted Living - Sutherlin, Oregon                                          

Applegate is pleased to introduce Pam Sessions as the newest member of our team.  Please join us in welcoming Pam!  We are happy to have her here!


Management Company

Concepts in Community Living, Inc. (CCL) has provided management support to Applegate Place since 2010. CCL is a recognized pioneer in the assisted living field, helping to develop and manage hundreds of assisted living communities, providing consulting services to supportive housing developers, owners, government agencies and social service providers, and being an eminent voice in shaping best practices and policies industry-wide.

CCL envisions supportive communities that elevate the meaning of life, fulfill human needs, and reflect the uniqueness of those served. You are invited to join us in making this vision a reality. Please share your ideas, suggestions and concerns with us by calling 1-800-574-2254, TTY 1-866-583-6144, or sending us an email at What’s important to you, is important to us too! Find us on the web at: